Day 11 Queenstown NZ December 12, 2003

Our last day in Queenstown and Dena and I had it all to ourselves. We spent the day walking around town, taking in the sights and doing some Christmas shopping. It was good to have a day to ourselves. The victory of the day was when we found the Dart River Safaris office a mile or so from the hotel. I had overheard it mentioned when we were waiting for our boat yesterday. Their Queenstown office carries the full line of Sideshow/Weta products. Sideshow/Weta produces a number of limited edition collectors pieces. The highlight was a statue of Bilbos Stone Trolls from the Hobbit. That piece was too rich for our blood. Instead, we picked up a few smaller pieces. For me, the Arms of Gimli a plaque featuring all of Gimlis axes, and a small reproduction of his helm. Dena bought the Arms of the Hobbits another plaque, this one featuring Sting and Samwise Gamgees frying pan. Weve got a wall in the library decorated with fantasy pieces where these will fit just nicely.

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