I’m falling very far behind on my Nano novel. Not hopelessly behind, but behind enough that hitting 50k is going to require some serious effort.

I drove to Detroit last Wednesday for meetings, drove back on Saturday and attended Windycon Saturday and Sunday. Add quite a bit of personal turmoil into the mix, shake and stir. I spent today getting things in order and tomorrow I’ll get back to the writing.

I had a good time at Windycon. I sat through some fun panels, including one on Zombification (with Tobias Bucknell) and one about Baen’s Universe with Eric Flint and Mike Resnick. I’ve seen Eric a few times and always enjoyed his panels. Mike and Tobias were both great panelists.

I ran into writers group members Tim and Trey, and my friend Aaron, who was in to promote ConClave.

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